23 March 2011

Gambia News:Where is Youssef Ezzidine? No Answer Yet!

There is no answer yet to the whereabouts of Youssef Ezzidine, who was convicted of treason and sentenced to death together with seven others on 15 July, 2010. All eight of them appealed their conviction and sentence, but Ezzidine has failed to appear at the hearing of the appeal for the fifth consecutive time. 
During President Jammeh’s meeting with media heads on Wednesday 16 March 2011, he asserted that public servants are free to give information to satisfy the public interest. In the Editorial of Foroyaa 18-20 March 2011 it was indicated that the Managing Editor of Foroyaa will visit the Ministry of the Interior on Monday to find out why Youssef Ezzidine is not appearing in court like the others who are in the same appeal case.
The Managing Editor did visit the Ministry on Monday but was told upon enquiry at the reception that the permanent secretary had travelled. He then asked for the Minister of the Interior but he was told that he was at a workshop. Thereafter he asked for the Deputy Permanent Secretary but was told that the DPS was at a workshop. He wanted to leave a message with the secretary but was told by the lady at the reception that she too had gone to the workshop. Finally, he wanted to leave a message with the lady at the reception but she advised him to return on the following day.
On the following day, the Managing Editor called the Deputy Permanent Secretary and explained to her that he had been there the day before and since the Permanent Secretary had travelled he would like to find out from her about the non-appearance of Youssef Ezzidine in court. The DPS asked the Managing Editor to go over to the Ministry and when the Managing Editor asked when he can do the DPS told him he could come next Friday, when the Permanent Secretary would have returned.
This is how matters stand regarding the Ezzidine issue. We will keep our readers informed about developments. 


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