04 March 2011

The Gambia:Chiefs Unrelenting about Kingship - King Jammeh

Traditional chiefs are unrelenting in their campaign to crown president Jammeh as king, despite the widespread condemnation. 
Demba Sanyang, the paramount chief and Lamin Queen Jammeh, the chief of Upper Nuimi Wednesday held talks with the National Assembly on the issue of kingship. 
Speaking over the state television, Lamin Queen Jammeh hesitantly unveiled the main reason for their visit, saying they have discussed with the Speaker, Abdoulie Bojang on issues he described as  “concerning the governance of the country.”
Chief Jammeh insinuated that elections brought about chaotic situations. He said culture should be the crux of any sustainable development, noting that our culture should be the bedrock for our mode of governance. 
According to him, years of development in some countries have been destroyed within a day [because of elections]. 
Meanwhile, the campaign to transform The Gambia into a kingdom, which began last year has not only attracted widespread disapproval, but it is denting the image of the president and the ruling party.
For instance, some strong APRC supporters in Kiang and Sami who defected to the opposition-UDP based their reason for defection on the need to preserve the country’s democratic culture. 
However, even the deadly uprisings sweeping across Africa and Middle East for democratic governance reforms seem not to alarm the paramount chief and co about the need for even swifter democratic reforms.   


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