07 March 2011

Opposition GMC leader's parents arrested by Gambia police


Today the 7th of March 2011, Basse Police URR arrested the parents of the GMC Leader Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty on superior orders, and currently placed them on indefinite detention, contrary to law. GMC Leader himself personally contacted Basse Police Station to ascertain the reasons for his parent's arrests, and was informed that it was in connection with GMC poster and GMC flag at the family compound which higher authorities ordered to be removed and the family refused to comply. The parents arrested and detained at Basse Police Station are:
1. L Saja Fatty - Father to GMC Leader
2. Bunka Jarumeh Fatty - younger brother to GMC Leader's father
3. Kebbanding Fatty - younger brother to GMC Leader's Father
4. Karamo Kijera - uncle to GMC Leader's father
According to Police sources, the parents of GMC Leader were arrested on the direct order of President Jammeh to spread fear among the teeming supporters of GMC in the Region. This was preceded by a Town Hall meeting of GMC militants in Wuli West at which many staunch APRC supporters appeared in strong numbers and declared allegiance to GMC. The Town Hall meeting of Wednesday the 2nd March 2011 sent shocked waves among top APRC echelon as harbinger of things
to come in a free and fair elections. GMC strongly condemns the unlawful arrest and continuing detention of the above-named persons whose only crime is being the parents of Lawyer Fatty. GMC holds Yaya Jammeh personally responsible for the wellbeing of Lawyer Fatty's parents and demands their immediate and unconditional release.
Wandifa retefulSadneh
GMC Press Relations
7th March 2011

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