06 March 2011


Gambians trapped in Tripoli, Libya, continue to call the Foroyaa office to explain their plight in the war torn North African country.
A caller who identified himself as Ebrima Barrow said they are really desperate and suffering. Mr. Barrow said on Wednesday 1st March 2011, they were told to join a ship that was said to be docked at Benghazi. He said when they attempted to move out, a group of Libyans attacked them and whisked away 12 of their group members who are all Gambians.

When asked how many people are in their group, Mr. Barrow said: “We are 200 and all of us are Gambians”. Asked where the 12 people were taken to, he said they have no knowledge of their whereabouts.
Mr. Bubacarr Fatty, said he is from Latri-Kunda and emphasized that they have tried the telephone number of the Gambian foreign Minister but they never succeeded. They urged Foroyaa to inform the authorities about their plight. They were told that the authorities are aware of their plight but we will emphasize their situation to them.
“If we do not get help quickly, we Gambians would all die in Libya because there is a lot of insecurity for foreigners here and we cannot even go out of Tripoli,” said Mr. Bubacarr Fatty.

Editor´s Note
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should issue a statement on what is being done to evacuate Gambians from Libya. It is urgent for family members to know what is being done.


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