11 March 2011

Gambia News:Why the Arrests and Detentions for Exercising Political Rights?

The alleged arrest and detention of the parents of the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) Mai Fatty by the Basse police in Upper River Region (URR) on 7 March 2011 is injurious to our democratic dispensation ahead of the 2011 polls for presidency in The Gambia.
Arbitrary arrests, detentions, disappearances and intimidations of opposition party supporters must no longer be condoned.
The arrest of the GMC leader’s father, two of his father’s younger brothers and his uncle is said to have proceeded by a town hall meeting of GMC militants in Wuli West.
The alleged arrest and detention of the four senior family members of Fatty including his father is said to be in connection with GMC poster and GMC flag at the family compound. Putting up flags and posters must not warrant arrest.  
The best way to avoid a laming political environment is to avoid violating the political rights of the people.
The pre-election period of 2011 is a significant determinant to be used to gauge the type of leadership and the ground texture of the nation’s political field.
The constitution of The Gambia has guaranteed the right to belong to, and form a political party. As we are yet to make an official confirmation, we prefer to reserve the rest of our condemnation for the meantime.

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