14 March 2011

Gambia News:“Freedom Of Expression, Assembly Sacrosanct”

Gambians have an inalienable right to freedom of expression and assembly,” said Lawyer Assan Martin.
The human rights lawyer said the Constitution of this country which is the supreme law of the land, guarantees these freedoms.
He indicated that a good chunk of our constitution deals with liberties and freedoms.

Barrister Martin made these remarks recently when he was questioned whether Gambians have a right to peaceful demonstration and procession or not.
He added that the rights in question are sacred, but said it is a question of whether the relevant institutions such as the police and courts are ready to follow what the Constitution says.
Martin said there can be no good governance without adhering to the provisions of the Constitution.
“No nation will progress if constitutional rights and values are not respected and observed,” he emphasized.
He described freedom of expression and assembly as vital, saying citizens can find solutions to problems if these freedoms are allowed to flourish.
“Solutions can only be found to citizens’ problems if we allow freedoms within our society,” the human rights lawyer observed.
Martin added that basic freedoms such as right to expression and assembly form the basis of any genuine democracy.


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