03 April 2011

Gambia News:Gambia and Libya, what Yahya Jammeh is hiding! Must read.

By Essa Bokarr Sy

The axis of three countries revolving around conflict of interet: Senegal, Gambia and Libya, what  Yahya Jammeh is hiding!

We have just heard about a Yahya Jammeh  transporting Senegalese in to Dakar from Libya but there is never a gesture by Yahya without any strings or price attached!  Never will that happen in  life. In that case I will dismantle  everything he tries to push. Why block this aspect from the sub-critical regime in Banjul? Because it feeds on the  diet of snakes! The approach that was taken by Yahya and his disciples on this case, covers another portion that serves as a trap! He may not succeed as long as I’m here watching his hypocritical  actions in earnest.
To better understand the thinking of President Jammeh  we will address this issue by asking the following questions. … Therefore provide answers with references through professional judgments. Our sources are worthy some of them are  coming from Libya, America and England.

First: Who is Musa Kusa for the regime for  Yahya Jammeh?
Musa Kasa is the former Director of Intelligence  Services of the regime of Al Muamar Qadaffi. He is now the minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya. This guy has very close links with the Jammeh regime through the contacts  which were established Baba Jobe. Baba is currently jailed in  Mile Two because Jammeh does not want him to reveal the secrets between Banjul and Tripoli. As soon as Jammeh took power assistance from the Western world was cut off. So it is Baba Jobe, who pledged his allegiance to the despot therefore connected some dots between Jammeh and Qadaffi through his close confidant  Musa Kasa.  Baba Jobe grew up in Libya therefore was a good friend of Kasa for obvious reasons.  To start with, Jammeh  received
$300,000.00 in cash which was handed to Captain Jallow and Baba Jobe at Musa Kusa’s residence in Libya(1995). Jammeh who was afraid of the regime of Dakar suddenly took the opportunity thus  was eager to be armed  by Libya. First he had received catalogs from Kasa so that he  could determine what he wanted as weapons. That is how he began  receiving heavy arms from Tripoli. It was well before Tehran’s side of the story came in along these same lines.  During the first meeting  Kasa expressed deep concerns regarding the future of the Jammeh regime. Libya was just not comfortable vis-à-vis the regime’s survival because in their minds Jammeh looked more like the Sierra Leonean rebels than a serious head of state. Haven’t they proven right? Of course yes! Lest we forget about the drugs and other scandalous issues which have been surrounding Jammeh’s image for the past 17 years!
 Who is Mukhataar Ghanass for Jammeh?
Mukhtaar was the director of MATABA training center, being a place where  the mercenaries who were fighting in Liberia and other countries like Cote D’Ivoire now were trained. This gentleman is the person who had established links between Jammeh and Charles Taylor in Liberia during the war. Then President Jammeh and Captain Jallow used international satelite  cellular sets when communicating to other parties outside of The Gambia especially when him(Jammeh) wanted to escape being heard(eaves dropping and the like). Jallow can reconfirm this. There was a direct line between Jammeh and Charles Taylor. Taylor was at the time in the bush as he did not prefer  being located or traced localized by wiretapping that was underway. That is  exactly why Taylor was a guest of honor of President Jammeh in 1995. I was personally attached to the delegation of Charles Taylor by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a protocol. During this visit Taylor offered Jammeh to use his own aircraft to effect a short visit to Guinea Bissau. Well, these comings and goings of Yaya Jammeh were simply meant  to fortify his regime against Dakar during the era of President Diouf. On the other side he got closer to General Ansumana Manneh and Sadio adding these two and their loyalists to  mercenaries from Liberia. Much of these mercenaries were from Gambia. Charles Taylor’s Ambassador to Tripoli was a Gambian.
The latter made a lot of things easier for President Jammeh within the circle of Qadaffi ‘s regime in Libya. President Jammeh therefore  was doing everything he could imagine  to  fortify himself against the Senegalese army. That is, in case the latter wanted to  destabilize his regime. President Jammeh will never defend the contrary or say he did not  benefit from  Libyan aid  thus help him  deal with a possible attack on his regime from Dakar. In the same vein he organized himself to nourish the rebellion in Casamance.
Yahya Jammeh with the help of Libya also created a movement referred to as ‘July 22nd movement’, this movement is the Achilles heel of the NIA. (National Intelligence Agency).
And some agents of this organization OPERATE at the  Dakar International airport while at the same time the others are found within the circle of the MFDC.
President Jammeh has lied about the issue of the “LOKERBIE-PANAM AIRLINE ”
In a  very bitter speech  against the regime of  Qadaffi  President Yahya Jammeh lied,saying  that it was him who convinced Qadaffi to reimburse the victims of Pan Am Airlines. The President of Gambia  is a liar at higher level! He never organized a meeting on this fact nor did he begin to solve this problem. The case was settled by  Musa Kusa himself during a trip in  England in collaboration with officials or elements of security services from one  western country (I will not divulge the names for security reasons that are against Yahya in person). Yahya Jammeh on his part said that  Libya’s Ambassador to the UN should have been insulting what he calls the “whites” His Excellency  Dhorda was in New York (between 1997-1999) as the  emissary of Libya while the Gambia was a non-permanent member at security council. Today it is the same person who returns around telling us lies about this. I have been at the united nations for that matter I am more informed than Jammeh on this dossier so I will not let people likeYahya Jammeh,  mislead Gambian and Senegalese on a subject so important and delicate like this one!
Before ending this message I will ask the Senegalese GOVERNMENT  the following questions.
Yahya Jammeh insulted  Qadaffi two weeks ago, when Dakar did not do the same thing. However in all that he sneaked into Libya then  loaded a plane with Senegalese and Gambians without any incident? While Qadaffi is still angry with him? How can he do that without enjoying the special relations which exists  between him and his former friend Musa Kusa? We must dig into this thing! We are there in the event that you want to know more about the above points referenced here above! Never ever avoid verifying anything being done or said by Yahya Jammeh because he fabricates stories and he can be manipulative for very dangerous reasons!
Even if the whole world was to support him on anything I would still re-verify before jumping into his bandwagon. Dakar will one day see why I never support Yahya’s actions.

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