10 April 2011

Coalition for Change - The Gambia elects SG, holds successful meeting in Banjul

                                                                                 PRESS RELEASE
The Executive Committee of the Coalition for Change -The Gambia (CCG) meeting in Banjul Wednesday April 7, elected Ndey Tapha Sosseh as its Secretary General and Spokesperson.

The Coalition, launched on April 2 is a civil, human and political rights organization which brings together a cross-section[i] of the Gambian community at home and abroad. Members are bound together by a common objective of ending the Gambia’s dictatorship as well as a deep concern over the climate of fear that has so consumed Gambian society.

The non-partisan Coalition which seeks to challenge the dictatorship and restore basic freedoms in The Gambia through nonviolent action has set aside a series of activities to commence April 10/11 2011, in memory of the 14 Students slain by state security agents and journalist Omar Barrow.

The  Coalition whose first priority is to ensure the adequate and unbiased access to information of Gambians on the ground, in order to enable them have an improved awareness of the repressive political environment in which they find themselves will be providing an alternative voice, Radio Free Gambia which is to go on air in April.  Together with the FM Station, CCG will use a combination of social media to spread our messages and to garner public support.

A series of press conferences[ii] will be held from Monday April 11.

CCG calls on the regime to immediately:
·                                             Repeal laws that unduly restrict freedom of expression
·                                             Ensure equal access to public media for all political establishments
·                                             Organize a referendum to institute Presidential term limits
·                                             Free all political prisoners
·                                             End the arbitrary arrests, detentions, torture and murders
·                                             Investigate all mysterious deaths and disappearances
·                                             Respect freedom of assembly and association

CCG once again calls all groups and individuals from every sector of the community, in The Gambia and abroad, to join us in the struggle to restore democracy and the rule of law.

The Executive
April 9th 2011

Ndey Tapha Sosseh, Secretary General/Spokesperson: sgcoalitionforchangegambia@gmail.com
TWITTER: @ChangeGambia, @KomboMansa, @theGambiaVoice
Face-book group: Coalition for Change – The Gambia

[i] Coalition for Change Gambia has as its members, journalists, lawyers, doctors, businessmen/women and civil society groups in and outside The Gambia concerned about the deteriorating state of affairs in The Gambia. Further information and details, including requests for membership can be accessed and processed through the Secretary General.
[ii] Interested media organisations should contact the Secretary General for more information.  Audio material is also available and can be accessed upon request.

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