18 April 2011

The Coalition for Change – The Gambia Reacts to President Jammeh’s Statement on the Ivory Coast

Press Release Refccg18/4/11

The Coalition for Change – The Gambia (CCG) wishes to dissociate itself from the ill-advised statement by the Jammeh administration on events in the Ivory Coast.
Inconsequential as it is, Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to recognize President Alassane Ouatara in defiance of the international community underscores the pariah character of the Gambian regime.  Despite findings by virtually all independent observers and monitors that Laurent Gbagbo lost the election, Mr. Jammeh absurdly insists on recognizing him as President and calls for fresh elections.
Making matters worse, Jammeh’s statement touched on an array of issues – Lumumba, Sankara, Compaore, imperialism, etc. – in such amateurish manner as to shame many Gambians.
The world may not be aware, but the Gambian people know that anytime Yahya Jammeh senses the hotspot, he starts throwing mud hoping it will stick.  From his pronouncements relating to AIDS, homosexuals, Gaddafi, Holy Qur’an burning, to the Ivory Coast, Jammeh has always had something to hide or deflect. The issue for Gambians is that 17 years of repressive rule must come to an end now.
CCG is therefore calling on Gambians, Ivorians, and the international community to disregard the Jammeh administration’s rants on the Ivory Coast.  The statement does not in any way reflect the position of the Gambian people vis-à-vis developments in that country.
By the same token, the group is calling on all freedom and peace-loving organizations and individuals to support it in the campaign to end despotism in The Gambia.

April 18, 2011

NDey Tapha Sosseh, Secretary-General / Spokesperson SGCoalitonForChangeGambia@gmail.com

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[i] Coalition for Change Gambia has as its members, journalists, lawyers, doctors, businessmen/women and civil society groups in and outside The Gambia concerned about the deteriorating state of affairs in The Gambia. Further information and details, including requests for membership can be accessed and processed through the Secretary General.
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