24 March 2011

Gambia News: GMC Faces another Political Blockade from Jammeh Government

Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) party has been denied a permit by the police to hold a political rally, the party youth league leader confirmed. 
GMC’s National Youth League is scheduled to stage a mass political rally today in Sanchaba, but its members have been moving forth and back from the offices of the Police IG in Banjul  to the Police Commissioner in KMC and then to Yundum police. 
The Public Order Act of The Gambia requires political parties to apply for permit from permit from the police inorder to use public address systems – loudspeakers – in their rallies. 
However, opposition parties are being denied permit by the police. For instance, Mr Femi Peters of United Democratic Party was last year arrested, detained, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to one year mandatory jail term after his party held a political rally without permit. The police denied his party permit. 
Meanwhile, the denial of permit to GMC, the latest political party, could be described as yet another political blockade for the party. 
Mai Fatty, GMC leader’s parent were recently arrested and detained by Basse police after some supporters put up the party’s flags in his home village.


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