27 February 2011

President Yaya Jammeh should be kicked out ! Now!

by Fatou Jaw Manneh

Yep. Now . There is no opportunity and better time to kick Yaya Jammeh out of our lives than right at this moment. This idiot with no shame can have the audacity to look into our eyes again and advise Ghaddifi to step down and not shoot at Libyan citizens. What a hypocrite! This brutal idiot who gave orders to shoot dead our school children, kill countless soldiers, maim ,torture and arrest citizens randomly can look into our eyes and play with our minds.Please folks scroll down on Chief Ebrima Manneh's photo, look straight in his eyes and think about what you would have done if he was your son. Do the same for Deyda and countless innocent citizens brutally murdered by Jammeh. What are we waiting for? What more do we want to see or hear?

His paranoid Ass am sure is running hot and cold now but alas, can gambians make a move?This world revolution against dictators is going to pass us by . Looking through and through, blaming Yaya Jammeh is enough!!!Enough theories and blames have flown in his face. One heartless , sick man brutalizing and traumatizing 2 million people! Yet we can do nothing about it. It is unbelievable with the number of gambian citizens living abroad and on the ground, our level of education and travels yet we can leave one uneducated brute, uncultured, indisciplined, arrogant, rude, raw ,wicked, heartless, clownish, stupid , brutal and sick man to rule us for 17 good years is unbelievable. Now the world is amazed by our crude president and equally amazed by the cowardly, naïve, hypocritical and lazy gambian citizens are!!Honestly the leader reflects its people. Just one man holding us hostage.Interesting.

Enough of theories and analysis of foreign governments. Let us talk about our own. A quick fix. Now!!! We have to do our own writings on the wall.Unbelievable. Theories are flying, endless analysis about faraway lands and their political issues yet we have our own monster in our midst and yet we cannot do jack about him. Unbelievable!!This coward brute! Jammeh is no Caesar and we can definitely chase him out of town with a blink of an eye!Warning of countries falling into wrong hands? No Jammeh is a real Yabatteh guy for real! Can any country fall victim of a wrong hand worse than Gambia and Jammeh's rule? Jammeh is kidding, but this smart fool knows we are all going to fall for his fake pathetic speech.

Yet we are ready to tear each other into pieces in a second, the few individuals, organizations, and parties who are willing to do something. Our penmanship and enthusiasm is geared towards tearing each other down and giving sermons without end. This sick man Yaya Jammeh is feeding on our cowardice, our hypocrisy our lack of unity and cohesiveness at the right moment. Jammeh must go. Zeinab can take him to morocco if she loves him!
Yaya Jammeh can be chased out of town within 3 hrs. Between 9 am to 12 noon. Well before our children get off from school. And now is the right time.This brutal bastard will and must leave.He must go! But NOO. OH NO. Satani. We cannot do this or that simply because of one selfish and petty reason to the next. We need to assess ourselves and know exactly what kind of citizens we are.This is the right moment as countries around the world are clearing the scenes of dictators. This stupid bastard (and please no emails regarding the choice of words) who thinks he is smart and can get away with anything in the Gambia., This bastard with no soul or heart. But yes he can because he has tested us in all ways and forms and knows we are impotent and petty beyond doubt so we cannot do anything about him. He has spilled blood accross the country but oh no, we have to be civilized and emabrace the vampire!

Yaya has nowhere to go. No dictator will host him. Senegal will not and even the Gambia and Senegal armies combined, they cannot do jack about people power. This brutal bastard with no regard for human life, justice and no respect for anything must go. Am pretty sure his stomach is running continuously and he is visiting the toilet every 1 hour, but alas Gambians!! We are going to miss yet another opportunity to shove this sick man into the history dustbin!!The man who thinks what matters is his extravagant lifestyle and that of Zeinab Zuma!

Our sons are shot dead and yet we look at this guy as a prophet. A man who cannot even recite Suratul Fatihah nor Iklass. If he refutes ,he can go on TV and recite the shortest Surah iklass on TV and let’s hear.
A festival prone leader who gathers our elders to watch wrestling and continuous nonsense and dancing without their consent. He calls himself a muslim man. A muslim man whose obsession is only with dancing , extravagance and cruelty. I do not know what we need to see again to convince us that Yaya is no good for Gambia or for any country for that matter. But enough of complaints , theories and warnings. WE HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN BUSINESS.Now

The nonsical speech against Ghaddafi should be geared to self-serving Yaya Jammeh. Can you imagine? Over and over again this stupid sick man plays with our minds and we think all is fine and dandy? That without Yaya Jammeh the sky is going to fall on us. More than 2 million people yet we think this one cruel fool is the only one who can rule in the Gambia. We are cursed for real. For real.

Source: maafanta.com


  1. okkkkk lasies and gent,s,you know what we are cawards only.sorry but gambian will never be like lybia as we think we know the best.yahya if we dont want him there are fuckin solution to the problems ok.sorry but let see what election will tell us,after that we hope no one will say no this is not good this need to be stop,we want to know who you are when the boat start riding,today you complaining tomorrow dont complain if things go mental ok.

  2. What is your Solution to Gambia's problem? If you have one lets hear it.

  3. the only solution is being together,forget the past and concentrate on nation building.we are one Gambia and we are the only people who can make Gambia a better place to live in happy.

  4. Writing and pasting comments on the internet is not thing, is just a waste of time.you cannot fool an uneducated old man or woman, this is because they follow what they think is right.
    And they are right,Yahya Jammeh is indeed working.