23 February 2011

Pan-African Parliament condemns Libya unrest

The Pan African Parliament based in Midrand, South Africa, Tuesday issued a statement strongly condemning all forms of violence and the resulting loss of many innocent lives inLibya.
The statement from the continental parliament, which was made available to this paper, called for an immediate end to all forms of violence, urging on all parties to put the highest interest of Libya before any other.
The uprising in Libya is one of a series of revolts that have raced like a wild fire across the Arab world, since December, toppling the long-time rulers of Tunisia and Egypt and threatening entrenched dynasties from Bahrain to Yemen.
Below is the full test of the Pan African Parliament’s statement:
“The Pan-African Parliament (PAP), as a continental body representing the voices of the peoples of Africa, continues to follow with increasing concern the unfolding events in Libya.
“The PAP strongly condemns all forms of violence and the resulting loss of many innocent lives".
“The PAP believes in the right of the Libyan people to express themselves in a free and peaceful manner".
“The PAP calls upon all parties to immediately end all forms of violence and urges them to put the highest interest of Libya before any other, and to resort to a peaceful dialogue in order to overcome the current crisis".
“The PAP also calls upon Libya to honour its commitments under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, which it had signed and ratified.
“This situation also calls for all African Union Member States to sign and ratify the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance adopted by the African Union in 2007.”


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