23 February 2011

Let the Day of Rage in Libya Be Superseded By the Day Of Freedom to Demonstrate Without Any Hindrance

Never in the history of the political crisis of a state had ambassadors in such large numbers abdicated their loyalty to a government before it is ousted. The internal and external sovereignty of the Libyan state is now under threat because of the failure of the government to secure the sovereignty of the Libyan people. Ghadaffi should have learned one fundamental lesson in his 42 year rule that no government could survive which is no longer regarded and recognised by the vast majority of her people,Since all possible mediators are paralyzed, there is need for the Libyan embassies in the respective Countries who are still in touch with their government to transmit the proposals that are being made by those who recognise the sovereignty of the Libyan people and their right to live in liberty and prosperity.

In our view, Ghadaffi should not allow Libya to be destroyed by civil war before he leaves office.

Nothing was more destructive than to have a whole nation in crisis addressed by the son of a leader who was not elected by anyone to be their head of state. If there is anything that could be considered to have fueled the revolt in Libya, it is the threatening speech delivered by Ghadaffi´s son.

Ghaddaffi should read the situation correctly. Two forces are in direct confrontation, the Government and the people. History teaches that when the people reach a particular level in their revolt against a government, it becomes impossible for them to turn back since that would mean the intensification of their oppression. Under such circumstances they would prefer death to surrender. This is the stage that has been reached in Libya. Any intensification of atrocities by the government would ultimately lead to greater resistance. Eventually the Libyan armed forces would either split and engage in civil war or capitulate to the people and allow the government to crumble.

It is therefore necessary for Ghadaffi to put the atrocities to an immediate halt. His statement on Libyan TV sounds defensive. Any leader who states that he is ready to die has considered that he no longer controls power and is not confident of victory.

It is important for Ghadaffi to know that no government could win by fighting her own people. It is Ghadaffi who is losing the battle and his integrity. There is no honour to die fighting unarmed protesters. All that Ghadaffi has to do to attain peace with honour is to declare a day of freedom to demonstrate without hindrance and then encourage the people to march and state their minds on the way forward for Libya. This should be followed by a National Conference of all stakeholders to prepare a new way forward for the country. Ghadaffi will not be remembered in an honourable light if he goes to his death by killing and maiming the people he has always claim to love. 


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