15 October 2012

Gambia:The National Transitional Council Gambia sets up Government In Exile

Source :The Gambia News

The Gambian National Transitional Council, headed by one Sidia Bayo held a press conference this morning in the French capital Paris. According to the statement received , the CNTG  has given Yaya Jammeh 30 days to vacate power and has also published a list of names as  ministers in next transitional government. Listed Below are the names of persons chosen by the National Transitional Council.
President and commander in chief of The Gambia Armed Forces, 
Minister of Natural Resources and Energy: 
Mr Bayo Sidia Sheikh 
General Secretary Office of the President: Mr Ousman Jammeh 
Vice President and head of Government: Mr Jallow Babucarr 
Minister of Defence : Mr Mohamed Kora 
Minister of Interior and Home Affairs: Mr Sanyang Ablaye 
Minister of Justice, Equalities, National Religious affairs and reconciliation 
Lawyer Darboe Yankuba (spokesman) 
Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs: Mr Touray Suntu 
Minister of Agriculture and food production; Mr. Falai Baldeh 
Minister of Youths and Sports: Mr Sada Njie 
Minister of Tourism and Culture: Mr Landing Nyassi 
Minister of Media and Communications: Mr Bamba Serign Mass (spokesman) 
Minister of Local Governments and Lands: Mr Mahawa Cham 
Minister of Health, Social Welfare and Women’s Affairs: Mrs. Sarata Jabbi 
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr Darboe Manding 
Minister of Basic and Secondary Education: Mr Alajie Nyabally 
Minister of Forestry and Environment: Mr Abdul Karim Sanneh 

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