24 October 2011

Gambia News: Chief Ebrima Manneh’s Father Speaks

By Lamin Sanyang
The father of  Chief Ebrima Manneh, a Gambian journalist whose whereabouts remain unknown ever since his mysterious disappearance five years ago spoke to this paper about the recent comments of the Justice Minister about his son that has been published by the Newspapers in the country and  captured in the Online Newspapers.

The family of Chief Ebrima Manneh was met and the comments made by the Justice Minister were related to them. They were surprised by the comments. They were asked whether they are in touch with the Justice Minister.
“I don’t even know the Justice Minister and have never seen a delegation from him,’ said Chief Manneh’s father, Sarjo Manneh.
The old man has lamented the hardship and pain he underwent in search of his son for the past five years. He questioned the possibility of a person disappearing in a small country like ours and cannot be traced for five years. He said he had gone the length and breadth of the country looking for his son.
“If the government said they have no hand in my son’s disappearance then why can’t they send a delegation to clear their name to us?” asked the old man.
He told this reporter that since the disappearance of Ebrima Chief Manneh in 2006, nobody came to meet them about his son except the press union and the international bodies. He said he has made several attempts to meet the President and the Vice President about his son but all the attempts had failed. He said he heard the President’s comment about his son when the Media chiefs met him at the State House and is still wondering how his son could have left the country without his knowledge.
Meanwhile, he was asked what he would want to tell the Justice Minister about his recent remarks on his son. He said he would want to meet the Justice Minister in person.
“How did he know my son is alive? Where is he kept? Why does it have to take all these long years to find my son? Why is it that his statement and the president are not the same?” asked  Sarjo Manneh.

SOURCE :foroyaa.gm

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