15 July 2011

Gambia News: Sidia Blames Gambia’s Failure on Lawmakers Says they Failed the Nation

(Dailynews)A veteran Gambian politician and National Assembly member for Wuli West constituency, Sidia Jatta on Sunday, July 10, 2011 blamed Gambia’s failure on the National Assembly of The Gambia, saying that parliamentarians have failed the nation.
Jatta who described some of the assembly members as sycophants and rubberstamps Said: “National Assembly members are responsible for the stagnation of progress of this country.
Sidia was speaking at a mass political rally held at Nusrat Junction in Bundung organised by People’s Democratic Organisation for independence and Socialism (PDOIS).
“There are National Assembly members who do not even contribute during debates in the House as lawmakers who should scrutinise every bill before adoption,” he said at his party’s former stronghold.
He said the meeting is a non-partisan meeting but a consultation to salvage The Gambia from bad governance.
According to him, the extravagant life of the ruling APRC government surpasses that of the former PPP government.
“The current government has chided the former regime for all sorts of financial indiscipline but the current president is receiving D52, 000 as monthly salary, which has tripled the salary of a medical doctor,” he said.
“Imagine a medical doctor who would try to be alert up to odd hours in the night for any emergency that requires quick response.”
The veteran politician and the longest serving opposition parliamentarian in the administration of the APRC said leadership is not a position of privilege, but of sacrifice to serve the common and legitimate interest of the nation.
On the coalition
Sidia said the voter apathy of the 2006 presidential election was attributed to failure of various opposition parties to remain united under NADD.
In order to avert the trend, he said Agenda 2011 is formulated as a programme that gives opportunity to the people to choose a leader for the most talked about opposition alliance for the forthcoming presidential election.
“To have a standard bearer who would be the presidential candidate of the alliance, he or she must be the choice of the people so as to effect the desired change of government and system,” Jatta noted.
Author: Baboucarr Ceesay

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