03 May 2011

Gambia News:Veteran Politician Questions President Jammeh’s Source of Wealth

Daily News -The national president of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), Dembo Bojang alias Dembo By Force questioned Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s source of wealth.
The veteran politician says President Jammeh dishes out money and other forms of gesture to students, musicians, military personnel and others like a benevolent king without disclosing to Gambians his source of wealth. 
President Jammeh came to power in 1994 through a military coup when he was a Lieutenant with a monthly income of less than D2000.00. But he appears to have amassed enough wealth during his 16-year rule. He once responded to such queries by saying that his source of wealth is God.
However, Dembo is not convinced by this explaination. Addressing a mass political rally at Tallinding on Saturday, Bojang said, President Jammeh should disclose his source of wealth and to make a declaration of his bank account.
According to him, Jammeh is fond of dishing out money to people and delivering vehicles as personal gift, noting that it is about time that President Jammeh tell Gambian where he gets the money he is dishing out. 
“We don’t mind President Jammeh’s enjoyment of his presidential privileges but let the wealth of the nation not be squandered by him,” he cautioned.
Dembo By Force said, Gambian currency has suffered a long depreciation under the Jammeh regime coupled with skyrocketing of prices of daily commodities. 
He said they bear no hatred for President Jammeh, but rather, his system as a result of his comportment towards governance of the country that, he said, leaves much to be desired.
He described Jammeh as the Alpha and Omega of the Gambia who is enjoying all privileges of his position, while the economic situation of Gambians is worsening.
He stated that the president is ‘fooling Gambian’ women by making himself a champion of women empowerment.
“The women that he claimed to have empowered are those adding the numbers of people in his propaganda by involving them in march passes, providing them with “ashobi” (uniforms) just to hoodwink them,” Dembo said.
“I want to tell women that Jammeh is selling all what they (women gardeners) are selling, ranging from vegetables like cabbages and other garden and farm produces and still he claims to be empowering you,” he alleged.
He alleged that landlords and bread winners of families are missing, jailed and others fled the country, stressing the country cannot afford to be governed in such a manner.
He called on Gambians to throw their weight behind UDP to effect, as he puts it, “the desirable change to salvage the country from its present predicament.”
Author: Baboucarr Ceesay

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